RAFFAEL PACITTI, Art Director | Graphic Designer

I am currently a Senior Art Director at Juice Pharma Worldwide, a creative agency based in New York City with additional offices in San Francisco. Juice Pharma Worldwide is a full-service firm with a  global network  specializing in breakthrough campaigns, seamless multi-channel and multi-audience integration.

I have been head of design and creative services in conceptualizing, brainstorming and executing branding and identity for varied brands in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry. I have offered direction to a team of designers for specific projects and have reported to Creative Director and Account  managers. I have liased with our Creative Director in the execution, routing and strategy for our global projects. I have also created digital and print assets as well as complete production-ready files across all media for such brands as Affinitor, Votrient (Novartis) and Jublia, (Merck, Pfizer) among others.

Prior to my assignment here, I freelanced for many major magazines including Men’s Fitenss, Shape, Maxim, Vibe and others. I have lead tablet and mobile design and development teams and was instrumental in executing apps and consulting on user experience using various platforms including Adobe DPS and MagPlus.

My freelance assignments prior to that were varied and offered me the opportunity to apply skills to various forms of media across multiple platforms, with a specialty in fashion, lifestyle and beauty  publications across all media.

I graduated from the Shillington School of Graphic Design prior to such freelance assignments as head tablet design and development for  CFO Magazine, Chilled Media, Vibe Magazine and Man About World.

Additional projects have included head design and creative direction for The Fight Mag, an advocacy and lifestyle magazine out of LA, LA Health News, Clarins Group, Glamour Magazine and others.

I have a passion for design, love to collaborate and work well under pressure. I am dedicated to finding practical, appealing and modern design solutions rooted in classic principles.