Web Design/Development




Fashion Publicity firm Supreme Public Relations needed a site that was both informational and  image-heavy. Showcasing up and coming designers and their content as well as emphasizing mission statement of the firm was the goal. In a savvy, clean and on-trend design, this site was hand-coded with HTML and CSS and delivered in less than a week.



Prominent fashion stylist Laureann Ossorio needed a site that would deliver stunning, image-heavy content as well as video showcasing styling assignments in media, print and runway. With a limited budget and time-constraints we were able to deliver a sexy, content-rich site in 2 weeks, with custom-processed imagery and additional features.


Up and coming fashion designer Ev Bessar needed a hip, on-trend site to showcase 3 collections, much media coverage and upcoming events. In a simple yet robust site, we helped curate and process content for easy access and navigation.




Paris-based Jewelry designers KMO Paris needed a US-based site to showcase jewelry design to emerging US market, in conjunction with the US launch of their brand and opening of their Soho flagship. A fully integrated site showing and selling high-end products, this site is currently under construction and is scheduled to go live in Nov 2015